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The BBC paid scant attention to it so I owed it all to Paul Young, Jack Mc Laughlin et al ....

Much as I would have liked to have broadcast aboard the vessel, (my programme) was recorded at the Radio Scotland studio in Glasgow's West End. made his radio debut in July 1966, replacing Michael Cane on Radio Essex, the country's smallest pirate.

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Fascinated by the new station, he did not waste any time. Managing Director Tommy Shields commissioned him to present The Hospital Half-Hour request show each week.

He remembers: “It was during the time one of my own recordings was doing well in the Scottish charts.

The song was ‘These Are My Mountains’ and was written for me by Scottish actor Jimmy Copeland, father of Braveheart actor James Cosmo. 1 in the Scottish Top Twenty due to the plays it got from the pirate jocks.

The sig tune for this hospital requests show was the slow-ish ‘Doctor Kildare’ theme taken from an LP and played at 45rpm.” Peter continued to sing and, after gaining teaching qualifications from the Royal Academy of Music in London, later became principal teacher of music at Scotland's largest comprehensive school, Holyrood Secondary. He also carried out after-dinner speaking engagements but died on 20th June 2014, aged 80. He stayed there as it changed name to BBMS, Britain's Better Music Station.

According to this press cutting from Radio News, Tony “created a bond between himself and millions of BBMS listeners”.

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