Flirting sites for adults

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” The ONLY safe environment for a Teen or child on an online social media platform is when they can only friend people they know in real life, and where meeting strangers online is NOT available.

There are quite a few social media platforms developed for children that insist on parental consent, where kids can only friend real-life acquaintances by giving them a code, and where a parent needs to approve that friendship before their kids can communicate.

This ensures that kids are not friending strangers, if the parents are truly involved and responsible parents.

These platforms and online games also often include live moderation.

Ask your kids what they and their friends are using.

Keep mobile devices and laptops out of the bedroom until kids are more responsible.

On text-only platforms like, Facebook, Formspring and Skout it’s even easier to pretend to be something you are not.

Friending a stranger on an online game or social network for kids is potentially very dangerous.

Even when these apps don’t result in physical harm, some are creating a whole new kind of creepiness.

That’s what some people are asking this week after an Internet company called Skout revealed that, in separate incidents, three members of its social networking site aimed at teenagers allegedly had been raped by adults who posed as teens and lured the kids into meeting them in person.

The alleged victims were two girls, ages 12 and 15, and a 13-year-old boy.

Skout has just closed down their Teen app (13yrs – 17yrs) partly as a result of three young users of this online dating and flirting site being reported to have been stalked by men pretending to be Teens, and then subsequently sexually abused.

Any open public social media platform that encourages 13 year olds to mix socially with 17 year olds in an open online situation is going to risk serious problems, kids in these age groups are miles apart in maturity.

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