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VNC allows a user to remotely control the desktop interface of another computer.

Other advantages of using VNC with Raspberry are: To set up a VNC is easy.

Follow the instructions for your Mac OS based computer on the Mac OS website. You can download the software for free at Linux Mac OS This is a work in progress Install ffmpeg from source. It won't work with the Raspbian version of ffmpeg because the Debian version of libavcodec doesn't contain the H264 libraries needed for the flash streaming protocol.(From the Raspberry Forum) This will grab the image from desktop, starting with the upper-left corner at (x=250, y=150) with the width and height of 1024x768.A: All of our Raz-Ir line of Infrared cameras connect to Windows compatible computers through a proprietary USB cable. There are a few steps in order to connect a Raz-Ir Infrared camera to a PC. Download the Correct drivers for your operating system (windows Version). You will need RAZ-IR Analyzer software for infrared cameras. You can also download the software for infrared cameras. You will need to set up both the raspberry and the computer that you will be using to remotely control your raspberry.- Go to the LXTerminal and install the Tight VNC Package Follow the instructions for your Windows based computer on the Windows website.

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