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Between 7 and11 pm, usually, the girls chill out in the numerous bars and later move to party hard in nightclubs. There aren’t bars employing girls to entertain foreign men.

If you’re looking for girls (you are), I recommend to pick up as early as 9 pm to get the prettiest one. Ready for a review of the best Boracay venues to meet Filipino girls? The Filipino girls hanging out in the bars are freelancers or holiday makers.

Anyway, the best places to meet girls in Boracay are: Boracay never sleeps. The nightlife action is taking center stage along White Sand Beach.

Seven days per week, it is PARTY, PARTY, PARTY I was having a dinner on the beach, and I was amazed to see the chefs with the service staff making a dance show. This stretch of beach is home to hotels, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs.

White Sand Beach is divided into three stations; 1-2-3.

The part of interest for party boys is Station 1 and 2.

Don’t expect flashy neon lights or red light districts with girls waving and pulling you in.

During the day, most girls in the beach and around town are holiday makers.

The Beach Walk is a good pick up spot between 6-10 pm.It’s the busiest bar; in fact, you can meet girls even in the day when other establishments are empty. Beside the possibility to meet a local beauty, Nigi Nigi offers easy going food, excellent service, and relaxation.A bar till evening and a blasting open disco at night, this is where the party’s hit. I found the place intimate, having few freelancers available and interesting to see the “Beer Pong Challenge.” A good time to land here for some drink and p….y is around 10 pm, and don’t miss Thursday – it’s “Ladies Night.” If you brought your date from Manila or other parts of the Philippines, Wave Bar is an awesome place to enjoy Boracay’s sunset.There are good opportunities to pick up other girls on holiday; like you, they just want to have a good time.When you can’t pick up a holiday maker, don’t worry; hire a hooker for some company. In the evening, they serve candlelit dinners with pizzas, seafood, and other specialties.

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