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The reason why Filipinas in particular are sought after is due to the perception that Filipinas are subser The overwhelming majority of men who use such services are sincerely wanting to find a woman with old fashioned values to love and cherish…The proposed regulations are obviously a ploy of the feminists to eventually abolish such services. The INS should not be the puppet to the feminists’ strings.Until the day women in American can understand and accept the true meaning of feminism there will be a continuing flood of American men who will look oversees to find that ‘real’ woman.realize that the other has unrealistic expectations and that their image of their spouse is skewed.In an attempt to stimulate the economy, Marco marketing Filipina women as exotic, promiscuous women by promoting Philippine sex tours (Velasco, 2008).The country is now dependent on Filipinas as sex workers, off shore laborers (mostly cleaning house for the wealthy) and as exports to industrialized countries for sweatshop work.Some of the sources I’ve read are actually publications from the Philippines as well as advocacy groups working within the Philippines.My comments on colonial mentality are intended simply to share my research with you.There is an exchange of funds, control of one person over another, and sexual exploitation is implicit in an arranged marriage.Furthermore, the UN definition considers consent by the victim to be irrelevant in trafficking cases which marriage occurs between two consenting adults and is, therefore, ethical.

Often Filipinas who marry American men find that when they arrive here, their husband does not have the wealth or status that he claimed during their correspondence.

(I have been aware of the issues facing Filipina women for years largely because I studied trafficking in the Philippines extensively when I was in graduate school.

Through much of the following discussion, I’ll be citing myself but, for more information about this topic, please see the sources at the end of the article.

Husbands believing that their new wives will be domesticated and eager to keep house are often mistaken.

Contrary to the stereotype, most Filipina brides are educated women who, due to lack of employment opportunities in the Philippines, leave their country in search of financial opportunities (Woelz-Stirling, 1998).

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