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gorgeous eyes, beautiful hair…and a body to die for.My heart actually started beating faster and faster!So you could imagine my surprise when I randomly ran into her in a coffee shop, about 8 months after the last time we talked.As we talked, I starting doing and saying the special things that were written in the book to create attraction… She started complimenting me on my looks, talking about how I’ve changed and how we should really hang out soon.

Some women wrap their feet around a cock and what comes after, besides the cock, is pure art! She admits that footjobs are her number one favorite aspect of foot fetishism.So I started reading some forums and someone mentioned that David De Angelo was really the best place to start if I wanted to learn how to talk and create attraction in women. I had been reading for over 6 hours straight and my eyes were hurting! I think I eventually passed out in bed with my laptop opened beside me, but I honestly can’t remember that part.He posted information about one of his techniques, cocky and funny. After reading the book, I felt I had all the knowledge to successfully talk to a girl I had never met before, create massive attraction, get her number AND have her excited to go out with me.Maybe one day I'll be able to gaze upon those feet of hers in person.We've actually talked about making that happen one day should we find ourselves traveling the other's way. I wear a 7.5, but due to my toenails I wear an 8 or 8.5. My heel collection has grown a lot over the past year and a half.

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