Failed validating license either locally or in the cluster

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Depending on the device, the fxp0, fxp1, and em0 interfaces that are mapped to a physical interface are not user defined. For instructions on how to do that, see Using the CLI Editor in Configuration Mode in the CLI User Guide.

To configure a chassis cluster on an SRX Series device: Cluster ID: 1 Node Priority Status Preempt Manual failover Redundancy group: 0 , Failover count: 1 node0 100 primary no no node1 1 secondary no no Redundancy group: 1 , Failover count: 1 node0 0 primary no no node1 0 secondary no no Control link name: em0 Redundant-ethernet Information: Name Status Redundancy-group reth0 Up 1 reth1 Up 1 Interface Monitoring: Interface Weight Status Redundancy-group ge-7/0/5 255 Up 1 ge-7/0/4 255 Up 1 ge-0/0/5 255 Up 1 ge-0/0/4 255 Up 1 Verify information about the statistics of the different objects being synchronized, the fabric and control interface hellos, and the status of the monitored interfaces in the cluster.

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When configured as a chassis cluster, the two nodes back up each other, with one node acting as the primary device and the other as the secondary device, ensuring stateful failover of processes and services in the event of system or hardware failure.However, if the cluster ID set is less than 16 and you roll back to a previous release, the system will come back with the previous setup.node0: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Configuration Synchronization: Status: Activation status: Enabled Last sync operation: Auto-Sync Last sync result: Not needed Last sync mgd messages: Events: Mar 5 .662 : Auto-Sync: Not needed.The range for the cluster-id is 0 through 255 and setting it to 0 is equivalent to disabling cluster mode.From this point forward, configuration of the cluster is synchronized between the node members and the two separate devices function as one device.

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