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Apparently, being given a girl's name is supposed to make you tougher. When I was at college, many years ago, we had to give a group presentation to the tutors as part of our final assessment.One of the guys named Richard had really long hair was slightly effeminate in manner.

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Also interesting to note is that the SBB is no longer sponsoring discounted travel tickets to attend Extasia in coming years. As for the barebacking subject, I think it should be a crime!

Pretty stupid considering the rise of HIV infections in all sectors of the population. I went to my first Extasia back in 2003 and the atmosphere was fantastic.

Sadly though it seemed to get tamer and tamer as the years went by.

You could be "Lucky 492" or worse Way too much Herpes going around in ZH at the moment... And if it was different for women, there'd be no activity after babies. I'm undecided if it's disrespectful/sleazy/degrading, but what is for sure about 'events' like this is there's little artistic merit, which would at least make 'it' aesthetically sincere.

any wonder when it's so en vogue to lip kiss people you meet now? shaking hands can be bad enough As per Male sexuality (here we go), it can be so less complicated; men like it visual. The, er, reproductive urge is exceptionally dominating. When it's not, you get a city like Zurich: full of Cayenne drivers...

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