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I’ve dated on more websites and apps than I can remember, and in the last two years have met thousands of singletons who’ve shared their dating experience with me.I know how my writing is generally received, particularly by other people who work in the dating industry.I don’t plan to start a war of words, but I do wish to respond directly to a couple of things he says. If anything the post in question was designed to tell people not to worry so much! As I often say on this blog, we’re all entitled to our own opinions, and you’ll never get a situation where everyone agrees …Because we all have a right to our own opinion, and to free speech, and I feel the way I’ve been portrayed on his blog is pretty harsh and under-researched. The advice was telling them things like ‘you don’t need to lose weight to attract someone’ and ‘you shouldn’t have to stress over your dating profile too much’. but I can’t help feeling this introduction is a pretty personal attack …It makes sense for most dating coaches to tell you white lies — but I'm telling you the truth.The truth is that if a man is obese, he’s going to struggle to get attention online.

Interestingly, the Huffington Post article in question was one which a number of British experts had praised or shared themselves. I personally thought it was helpful and pretty inoffensive! If you’re going to write a response to something, at least have the decency to let the person you’re attacking know about it!

The truth is that if a man has no social skills, he’s rarely going to get a second date.

The truth is that if a man is chronically unemployed, he’s going to have a hard time finding a wife.

If your profile is too lengthy, it will put people off.

And there is no point writing your life story on a dating profile, or creating something so cultivated that you lose the sense of you.

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    I’ve described this kind of thing as people wearing a pretty “mask” at the beginning of a relationship and how, if you know about this, you’ll make sure to see the person behind the mask (and not mistake their pretty “mask” as who they actually are).

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