Ethical behavior in dating

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We strongly affirm parents as the primary moral educators of their children.

Nevertheless, we believe all educators are obligated to help foster civic virtues such as integrity, diligence, responsibility, cooperation, loyalty, fidelity, and respect-for the law, for human life, for others, and for self.

The Ethics Code is intended to provide guidance for psychologists and standards of professional conduct that can be applied by the APA and by other bodies that choose to adopt them.

The Ethics Code is not intended to be a basis of civil liability.

The Introduction discusses the intent, organization, procedural considerations, and scope of application of the Ethics Code.

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Psychologists are committed to increasing scientific and professional knowledge of behavior and people's understanding of themselves and others and to the use of such knowledge to improve the condition of individuals, organizations, and society.Areas covered include but are not limited to the clinical, counseling, and school practice of psychology; research; teaching; supervision of trainees; public service; policy development; social intervention; development of assessment instruments; conducting assessments; educational counseling; organizational consulting; forensic activities; program design and evaluation; and administration.This Ethics Code applies to these activities across a variety of contexts, such as in person, postal, telephone, Internet, and other electronic transmissions.learning environment that nurtures to fulfillment the potential of all students.The professional educator acts with conscientious effort to exemplify the highest ethical standards.

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