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Only after a tragedy involving Mayo’s best friend Sid Worsley (David Keith) does Zack come out of his shell and mature into manhood. After a sudden break-up, Singer undergoes a “stream of consciousness” that recapitulates the trials and tribulations of his relationship with Annie in an attempt to deduce “what went wrong”. Jerry and Lucy Warriner are about to finalize a divorce which includes a custody case over the rights to their dog!The cast includes: Richard Gere, Debra Winger, Robert Loggia, Louis Gossett Jr., David Caruso. This wacky, off-beat comedy features animation, montage, personal testimony and other quirky oddities appropriate to a Allen film. But before matters are set in stone each decides to ruin all prospects for the other’s chances of remarriage.

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AMERICAN DREAMER is the romantic comedy that tells of a frustrated house wife whose part time writing career and obsession with the Rebecca Ryan murder mystery novels has landed her an all expense paid trip to Paris where, for the first time, Cathy Palmer learns what love is all about.Once he’s arrived at training camp for his 13-week officer’s course, Mayo soon crosses paths with abrasive, no-nonsense drill sergeant Emil Foley (Louis Gossett Jr.).Mayo – or “Mayonnaise,” as Foley mockingly dubs him – is an outstanding cadet, but too self-involved.Foley rides him without mercy, sensing that the young man could be prime officer material.Zack’s affair with working girl Paula Pokrifi (Debra Winger) is similarly damaged by Foley’s unwillingness to give of himself. He is also a comedian and the boyfriend of the equally eccentric Annie Hall.

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