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The complaints are rooted in two key events in the game’s history.

First, the decision by Sony Online Entertainment in 2011 to shift it to fit a free-to-play model, causing a creep of what many players feel are pay-to-win features.

In either case, ACT or the stand-alone program must be run as admin in order to see open files used by programs.

Following the prompts, you may be asked to accept downloading the utility Handle and confirm selecting the detected open EQ2 log, if found.

“Now, there is ‘Shut up and take it’ from the team.” Communication has been pared back and heavily moderated, with players accusing Daybreak of rejecting all criticism and clamping down on perceived dissent.

“On Discord, the dev team just bans people when they don’t like what’s being said,” Djak tells me.

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He even helped the developers set up the Ever Quest II Discord channel that he would eventually be banned from.

Others have praised its entertaining questlines, crafting systems, and a house-decorating community that remains vibrant to this day.

Unfortunately, 1k, like many others I spoke to, feels that the game is on a downward spiral: “Over the years the difficulty has been written out of EQ2. Going on a little romp around Ever Quest II’s world of Norrath, the good and the ugly of the game quickly manifest themselves.

It is a jarring moment, undermining the gruelling feeling of consequential death that this game once championed.

One of the perks of an ageing MMO is that the dwindling but dedicated community can enjoy more direct communication with the developers; a kind of camaraderie arising from the shared understanding that this virtual home has seen its most populous days, and that everyone will need to band together to sustain it. “There used to be two-way communication with SOE, sometimes heated, but always two-way,” Bob, a disillusioned player who at first suggests I am a shill for Daybreak Games before I persuaded him otherwise, tells me.

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