Entrepreneur dating

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When you have the opportunity to be with your mate, disconnect from everything and be present in that moment. Next time you are home, consider leaving your phone and other devices turned off for a few hours.This means you take no phone calls, do not check email nor text messages.You’re probably thinking “This is the best way to stay on top of the game and ahead of my competition!” Yes, there is some truth in this, but at what price are you paying by missing out on moments you can never get back?A notecard is not so overwhelming and you can make your list short and sweet.

It’s easy for one to take for granted that his mate just knows who he is.

At other times, go out of your way to make your mate feel special with a night out on the town that you planned or just watch TV together.

More than doing things or going places, find out what he or she wants to do with their life and let him know how you may be able to help him fulfill his dreams and goals.

Note: Entrepreneurs can be men or women and for this article I’ll be using both genres interchangeably.

There is a thin line in which entrepreneurs can find themselves sitting on when trying to figure out how to include or maintain a relationship in their daily life as an entrepreneur.

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