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The second decision which will shape your game: Who is your main character, and what is their sexuality?

The following options will make a huge difference: Any of the above could conceivably be crossdressers.

You should ask questions such as, "Why would anyone like this person?

" Remember, it could get worse — if your story involves horror/dark themes, and if your main character is doing horrible things, then your audience may want to see themselves as anyone but that character.

If you're on a computer, your Flash player might be disabled, missing, or out of date.

Perhaps you are interested in creating a cute story in which the main character can end up with one of several love interests.

Then set a realistic deadline for yourself, and don't change it.

The English-speaking Ren Ai Game community has too many examples of games which only had demos, or which never amounted to more than ambitious plans.

You could also make them bisexual if you want love interests of both genders, but don't put too many options or it can be overwhelming.This might even make the other characters Pretty Freeloaders.Maybe you can even go as far as to create a story in which the two people are more than just casual acquaintances at the beginning.Note that harems do not necessarily exist in doujin visual novels.Likewise, many commercial games have a Slice of Life setting.

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