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There were also some hot men at the premiere with new Superman Henry Cavill (it’s being directed by Sucker Punch’s Zack Snyder) and Red Riding Hood’s Max Irons (who is dating Emily) suiting up for the event.Emily and Abbie will be in Sydney for another red carpet outing this weekend.If he's not on camera, you'll probably find him riding motorcycles, jumping out of planes, or spear-fishing in the middle of the ocean and punching sharks in the face for funzies.brothel, but Richard Cetrone is much more than a random background actor; he's one of the hardest-working stuntmen in Hollywood.

The girls of Sucker Punch headed to London for a big premiere of their movie as part of their promotional tour in Europe.However, Hudgens clearly hasn't gotten the musical theater geek entirely out of her system; a few years after her gun-slinging, grenade-throwing turn as Blondie, she was back to belting ballads as Betty Rizzo on , where she plays an employee at an insurance agency for superheroes.She also keeps up with fans on Instagram, where she enjoys playing with filters, offers up beauty product recs, and posts lots of sweet shout-outs to her current (as of this writing, anyway) boyfriend Austin Butler. As of this writing, she's making an action flick with Gerard Butler, working with mega-stars Woody Harrelson and Frances Mc Dormand on a dark comedy, and speaking out in an eloquent defense of the controversial film , where she'll appear alongside Amandla Stenberg and George Mackay.He's also so secretive about his private life, particularly the existence of a romantic partner, that there's practically an entire cottage industry dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of how he spends his time when he's not onscreen. In one narrative, he's the brothel's smarmy VIP client; in the other, he's the asylum doctor who lobotomizes helpless young ladies with a stainless steel awl (although Hamm's most interesting and extensive scene in the film was ultimately cut, making his total screen time very brief indeed.) Needless to say, Jon Hamm didn't disappear after (with a producing credit on the latter).Not that it's all been sunshine and daisies for Hamm in the intervening years — his longtime relationship with Jennifer Westfeldt was a casualty of the mass die-off of celeb romances in 2015, just a few months after Hamm announced that he'd entered rehab for alcohol addiction — but he's still as sought-after as ever.

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