Elucidating the behavior

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Hence, such recordings can elucidate the mechanisms that underlie fundamental phenomena, such as brain state, sparse coding, gating, gain modulation, and learning.

Technical developments have increased the range of behaviors during which intracellular recording methods can be employed, such as in freely moving animals and head-fixed animals actively performing tasks, including in virtual environments.

Technical advances have simplified obtaining intracellular recordings from awake brains.

Such recordings can elucidate the mechanisms underlying brain states, sparse coding, gain control, and learning.

The microstructure, chemical composition and constituent phases of the clad layers were characterized by FESEM, EPMA and XRD, respectively.

A rotating tribometer was employed to evaluate the tribological properties of the clad layers.

Intracellular recording allows measurement and perturbation of the membrane potential of identified neurons with sub-millisecond and sub-millivolt precision.

This gives intracellular recordings a unique capacity to provide rich information about individual cells (e.g., high-resolution characterization of inputs, outputs, excitability, and structure).

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Therefore, the wear performance of the Ni Cr Al Co W clad layer is better than that of the Ni Cr Al Co Si clad layer.

The catalysts’ surface properties: specific surface area, charge and adsorption capacitance at the solid–solution interface were characterized using BET analysis, potentiometric titration and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, respectively.

The electronic band structure of Ti O photocatalyst, as the key property for the solar-driven photocatalysis, was deduced from the thermodynamic data and the semiconducting parameters (type of semiconductivity, concentration of the charge carriers, flat band potential) obtained by Mott–Schottky analysis.

The two clad layers exhibit high hardness, caused by precipitation hardening with different precipitates.

The Ni Cr Al Co W clad layer exhibits strong mechanical interlocking, which results from the complex phase and microstructure of the Ni Cr Al Co W clad layer.

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