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(You catch some water in the pail.) 2) Sahurin mo ang tubig sa timba.

(My head ached when I heard Josie's voice.) Word: saklolo Active Verb: sumaklolo English Definition: (verb) to aid; to succor; to help L2 Definition: Notes: Examples: Sumaklolo kami sa mga nasalanta ng baha.

(Stack the plates properly.) Word: salaysay2 Active Verb: magsalaysay Passive Verb: isalaysay English Definition: (verb) to narrate; to relate; to tell a story L2 Definition: Notes: Examples: 1) Magsalaysay ka sa amin ng iyong kuwento.

(You tell us your story.) 2) Isalaysay mo sa amin ang nangyari sa iyo kahapon.

(Pierce the cow's chest.) Word: saksak2 Active Verb: magsaksak Passive Verb: isaksak English Definition: (verb) to stuff; to cram in clothes as in packing L2 Definition: Notes: Examples: 1) Magsaksak tayo ng papel sa loob ng bag.

(Let us stuff some papers in the bag.) 2) Isaksak mo ang mga papel sa loob ng bag.

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