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Victoria looses her temper with Grayson which results in a dinner table humiliation spanking in front of the entire staff.Later that evening, Chloe, sitting in the garden, is sexually overcome by a mysterious man-beast who blindfolds her and gives her the ride of her life while Willy spies on them.Things become even more disturbing as night falls, but a storm has washed out the bridge to to island, making escape impossible.Preview 879MB | mins | 1280×720 | mp4 https://fboom.me/file/da59ec1767b24 ——– ——- Episode 2: Into The Punishment Room Chloe learns that it is not only Willy that is subject to Mistress Victoria’s discipline.In her usual rage, Victoria takes it out on Willy in a painful bdsm sex scene.Still not satisfied, she takes Chloe to the punishment room for a beating and interrogation as to what she might know about Brad and his motivation for being on the island.A jealous Victoria subjects both Chloe and Willy to her “special” brand of discipline.

It had been almost a week since Simon had seduced his mom and fucked all three of her fuck holes in one day...something he had repeated every day since.

Victoria’s nephew, Brad, is to arrive and Melissa will finally assume her duties as his governess. Brad is, needless to say, not what she had expected!

Brad immediately gets on his aunt’s negative side when it becomes clear that he has some secrets of his own.

Preview 999MB | mins | 1280×720 | mp4 https://fboom.me/file/e2542a865bfac ——– ——- Episode 3: Something Sinister The girls want to leave the island, but can they?

And when Melissa confronts Victoria about where her nephew to who she is to be governess is, she quickly learns that too many questions on Rutherford Island lead to painful results.

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