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Kerala has great hydroelectric potential, with some two dozen hydroelectric stations operating within the state.Several thermal plants supply additional energy, and in the late 20th century the state began to establish wind farms.The state has several national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, among which the Periyar National Park and Tiger Reserve is the largest.Malayalis are a group of people of mixed ethnic heritage who speak Malayalam, a Dravidian language; they constitute the majority of the population of Kerala.Indeed, in parts of the state there are densely populated rural equivalents of urban megalopolises.The major urban centres and industrial complexes include Agriculture is the state’s main economic activity.Elements of Indo-Aryan ancestry remain strongest among the Nambudiri, a prominent caste of orthodox Hindus.

Over the millennia, there has been much exchange between the two groups.

Christians, who account for nearly one-fifth of the population, belong broadly to the Syrian Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches as well as to various Protestant denominations.

Kerala also has tiny Jain, Sikh, Buddhist, and Jewish communities; there is an ancient synagogue in Kochi.

Other minerals include limestone, iron ores, and bauxite (the principal ore of aluminum).

The state is especially known for its high-quality kaolin (china clay), which is used to make porcelain.

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