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At the very least, when you dream of bridges, you may be able to spot something useful that you hadn't noticed before.

Why go on with a job that you don't like, or a relationship that does not make you happy when something else may be available?

She told me to give them to her so she could check. (In real life when I was telling my dream I realized "Wait a minute she went to use my makeup!!! I dreamt I am travelling in a train in a ladies compartment which is crowded and i see a girl in d gents compartment standing comfortably alone and all men around her giving ample of space to keep het comfy..i tried to capture d video of same and send it to my sister.m not able to do it.subsequently my eyes move to the view outside d train where i see my boarding sister with few other people suicide under a running train..immediately after that d overhead metro line collapses..d water of d sea floods all over...that was d end of d dream as i woke with a start at 7.00am.

") After that me and my family were in the car crossing this big old unstable crazy suspension bridge. What does this mean I dreamdt that at first that me and my cousin needs to go home from farm and on our way we pass by the ricefields where there was a small area that the rice field was filled with blue shallow water and underneath was an animal that looks like an aligator, there was one portion that was field with healthy grains and there was also one where the field was fillded with the skeleton of dead long fishes lying in the mud.

In general, if you were able to cross the bridge easily, and it was in good condition, then you can look forward to positive changes in your life You should also make special note of the situation before you got on the bridge, as well as afterward.

Even if some elements appear contradictory, you may be able to sort heir meaning out once you begin to correlate them with different areas of your life.

The man in my dream turns into a woman now and became a friend together with the other one.

Bridge Dream General Meaning Even though a dream of crossing a bridge usually means a transition from one phase to another, it can also indicate you will need to make some important decisions.

In general, if the crossing was easy, you can look forward to good luck and making wise choices in the near future.

On the other hand, if you fell off the bridge, it can indicate that your emotions will prevent you from reaching your goals.

How Bridge Dream Symbol May Fit in Your Life If you look at life philosophically, you will soon realize that every single moment represents a transition from one state to another.

That said, when you dream of bridges, it may indicate that some larger changes are coming into your life.

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