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I remember those days and I could kinda see that, but with modern ad platforms and websites – we can be as diverse as we want to, having plenty of opportunity to clarify our offerings and boundaries with as many words as we’d like.

I mean we all have different rules and interests anyway, largely based around what turns us on, what we specialize in and what falls within our comfort zone.

Its a system that seems to work quite nicely all around.

Our visitors are smart, accomplished and very self aware – they aren’t the clueless animals you’re painting them to be who see something and naturally assume it will happen universally with every Dominatrix.

With that thought lingering, it’s fairly obvious that gift I’d like most is your presence in my dungeon!I don’t know how long exactly I’ve been waiting, 3 months? Time passes agonizingly slow when something this perfect is on your horizon; but every day, I’d imagine where in line this gorgeous piece was in the factory order.Sitting at 9ft by 5ft, this rubbery monster takes up nearly half the floor space in the main room of my dungeon and is the crowning glory to my otherwise spectacular collection of latex bondage items.Allergic reactions can range from mild rashes to full on anaphylactic shock.It takes 90 minutes to assemble and polish and about 60-90 minutes to clean and dry afterwards.

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