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Now iam confused whether he actually took revenge on me or he is deeply in love with me but couldnot express it. Should i go with him by giving space or permantly leave him? In addition to this — I am curious and suppose if the girl is waiting for an initiation text from him, meanwhile, he thinks she doesn’t like him and is the “reason” he doesn’t text forst — why wouldn’t he be curious as to why she isn’t and take the risk as to ask her or show he cares a bit and text her? Just be balanced in everything and you’ll have plenty of success. We hit it off really well and had instant chemistry (like I’ve never experienced before), He brought me a drink and cheekily told me I owe him 3 dinners for it.

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I would say reach out and try to initiate contact once or twice.

(between morgtage a son he’s broke, but has no choice but to work overtime and work weekends…he’s trying to get the money to get heatpump in before winter…our winter is in june) So I text a single text about once a week (See how he is) he replies we have a lil text chat. For the first time, I texted him and he took two days to reply… He made a point of mentioning he hopes I don’t think he’s a rude prick for not replying.

I told him narh you’ve explained your not much of texter and super busy, But you can make it up to me later… so I said “if you play your cards right” he said “all my cards are jokers” (Not sure what he meant but he has a good sense of humor and very cheeky).

I really don’t know what I should do Actually few days ago i texted him jokes, greetings, he replied.

But to avoid me he made a plan to irritate me by saying that i wanna have sex with you. By saying this everyday he actually had fallen in love with me. And he had fallen for me more when he noticed that am the most beautiful girl in the whole world-both in looks and from heart. But he took revenge on me by saying that it was his plan and he want space .

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