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here is what I want to do: Get XML file from online via its URL, then use XPath to parse it, I want to create two methods in it. One is in which I enter a specific node attribute id, and I get all the child nodes as result, and second is suppose I just want to get a specific child node value only In above example I want to read all the elements if I search via @name and also one function in which I just want the url from @name 'Javascript' only return one node element. Kai passing in the document defined in that code and the return type you are expecting, and cast the result to the object type of the result. */ public static Document get Document(String xml) throws SAXException /** * Turn an XML String into a DOM. * @return A DOM Object containing a parsed XML document or a null value ifthere is an error in parsing. * @throws Exception on parse error */ public void parse(Input Stream input Stream) throws Exception /** * Parse a file containing an XML document, into a DOM object. * @param validating True iff validating should be turned on. Transformer Factory Impl"); You may want to read Section2.4.1, “JAXP” for more details - in particular if you are using Java 1.4 or later.It allows an XML comparison to be made that ignores differences in the values of text and attribute nodes, for example when comparing a skeleton or outline piece of XML to some generated XML.If set to null, the "version"-attribute of the "feature"-tag won't be changed * @param new Bundle Versions A map containing plugin-id (String) - version (String) associations * @throws Exception */ protected void replace Versions(File feature Xml, String qualifier, String Map new Bundle Versions) throws Exception /** * Loads XML files from disk * @param clazz the class this method is invoked from * @param xml Path the full path to the file to load * @param xsd Path the full path to the file to validate against */ public static Document load Doc(Class clazz, String xml Path, String xsd Path) /** * Parses the specified input stream and returns a list of the regions declared in it.* @param input The stream containing the region metadata to parse. */ public List/** * * @see org.jboss.shrinkwrap.node.

(This is just another way of saying that testing HTML is easier when it is written to be testable.) In the previous example id attributes were used to identify the list item values that needed to be testable, however class attributes or span and div tags can also be used to identify specific content for testing.

It is an open source project hosted at that grew out of a need to test a system that generated and received custom XML messages. The advantage of this approach is that you can specify a different parser class for control and test XML and change the current parser class at any time in your tests, should you need to make assertions about the compatibility of different parsers. Document Builder Factory Impl"); Test Parser("org.apache. Document Builder Factory Impl"); SAXParser Factory("org.apache. SAXParser Factory Impl"); Transformer Factory("org.apache.xalan.processor. Transformer Factory Impl"); test will pass if the control and test XML are either similar or identical.

The problem that we faced was how to verify that the system generated the correct message from a known set of inputs. Document Builder Factory Impl"); Property("parsers. Obviously in this case the pieces of XML are different and the test will fail.

The following test illustrates the use of a custom implementation as two pieces of XML are compared.

Using recursion it navigates through the nodes in the control XML DOM, and determines which node in the test XML DOM qualifies for comparison to the current control node.

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