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The female population ratio prevails over the male one, this result in many single women that will never find a man in her home land.

That is why these women take a chance of searching for their future spouse abroad.

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Though Sumy is not a touristic destination, it offers a nice choice of hotels, where you can comfortably stay during your visit.Women here are more resistant than men as many men work in regions with hard labor that takes away their health.Another problem of local men that diminishes their success among the local ladies is alcohol problem.I get a surprising amount of emails from women - mainly American and Canadian - about dating Scottish men: e.g. North American dude; what does it mean when a Scottish guy asks them out for a drink with all his friends and so on and so forth.Most of the time I respond because they're just looking for advice/ perspective and as everyone knows, I have publicly lamented about dating in this country so I am more than happy to pass on what I have learned, if anything.

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    Many poor people still live in townships purposely built far from urban centres, and with little access to cheap public transport.

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