Did blake lively dating leonardo dicaprio

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"The locals said hello, but they were only interested in each other."June 2013 magazine about how she thinks Ryan has great style, but that he doesn't have any say over the clothes she wears."I was recently asked how my style has changed since I got married, as if I was living under some sort of dictatorship", she explained.

"I'm very lucky to be with someone who has better taste than me. With film and TV, you don't see the results for months.

“There's nothing she can't cook, that's sort of the problem...aren't actors supposed to be out causing massive amounts of bad press and trouble?

executive producer, Joshua Safran, Lively used to send photos to Di Caprio throughout the day.

"They were kissing the entire time," the eyewitness said.

It was a massive critical and commercial success, resulting in three Academy Awards among eight nominations.

But at the outset of Brokeback Mountain, 'Nobody wanted to do it,' according to filmmaker Gus Van Sant in a chat with Indie Wire Wednesday.

Nothing says "I love you" like a felt #Deadpool, holding a chimichanga while riding a Unicorn dressed in ass-less leather chaps.

Leonardo Di Caprio usually goes for much younger models – however his ex-girlfriend Blake Lively caught his eye at a recent event, and Blake’s hubby Ryan Reynolds was NOT happy about it.

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