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I wish I could’ve uncovered the stories behind Trevor and Eugene in NYC, Sébastien and Étienne in Montreal, James and Tristan in San Francisco, Andriy, Luca, and Anselmo in Italy, or Niklas, Marlon, and Yannick in Berlin.

Thank you for allowing me to take long walks in Italy with a violinist, and a journalist — and for allowing me to realize that romance is walking in the rain under one umbrella with a charming, listening, adorkable architecture student, and better yet, around Trevi Fountain.

Through the app, I learned a lot about the city, about dating in different countries, and about myself.

There are endless ways Tinder can spark nightmares, but for me, Tinder has made a lot of magic.

(I must say, I am still bitter about you allowing me to miss my flight the next morning and pay a 0 fee to take another plane, but I guess I can’t exactly blame you for that).

Thank you for introducing me to a kind designer in San Francisco to wander the De Young Museum with.

(For the record, he was a barista at Olive Gourmando in April 2017 and has a man bun. I had never done this before, and never thought I ever could ask a stranger out!

But I realized, it wasn’t so different from starting a conversation on Tinder.

Thank you for potentially being the reason why I felt confident enough to ask a guy out for the first time while I was at a cafe in Montreal.I’ve been using the app on and off again ever since.While living in Germany, Tinder helped me meet local people outside of my American study abroad bubble.Thank you for taking me to that new place of everyday love, for helping me understand sex in a not intimidating way through someone I trust, and for leading me to a journey of heartbreak and knowing the dark place of lost love, too.By sparking this journey, you helped me realize that socially, we aren’t talking about romance very reflectively, so I started my email blog back in 2015, and wrote about my break up, which I am still very proud of.

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