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The form contains only the editable fields, or "simple items" (as they are called in the Form widget) by default.

The form can also contain group, tabbed, and empty items, which help you arrange simple items in different ways.

If the event handlers are going to remain unchanged during the widget's lifetime, assign them to corresponding on If you are going to change the event handlers at runtime, or if you need to attach several handlers to a single event, subscribe to this event using the on(event Name, event Handler) method. var row Updating Event Handler1 = function(e) ; var row Updating Event Handler2 = function(e) ; $("#data Grid Container")Data Grid("instance") .on("row Updating", row Updating Event Handler1) .on("row Updating", row Updating Event Handler2); In addition, the Data Grid raises the init New Row event when a new row is added and the editing Start event when a row enters the editing state.

These events can be handled just like others - using the on The columns's data Type defines a cell's editor that can be configured using the editor Options object.

The following code hides this dialog, thus a row is instantly deleted from the data source: The Data Grid widget raises events before and after a row is inserted, updated or removed from the data source.The Data Grid widget allows a user to add, delete and update data.Assign true to the corresponding field of the editing object to enable an operation.You can customize individual form fields using the columns[]Item object whose members are described in the Simple Item section.Note that this object does not allow changing or configuring the editor (see Customize Editors).

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