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The agent says it can be done, which surprises Toki since it seems too easy.The agent even says that the partner's fertility can be pinpointed, to which Murderface (who has been in the room the whole time) says he can pinpoint his fertility as well with some lotion, DSL internet and some napkins.Toki protests, saying he wants a real date, which angers the three of them, who ask how is that not a real date.Toki says that he wants a date in which he actually speaks to a woman and she gets to ask questions, which angers Skwisgaar, who says women don't ask questions unless they are in court.Seconds later, the emcee is drugged with a tranquilizer dart and he falls to the stage.Nathan says "give him a round of applause, he's good." Outside, Toki is drinking a cocktail by himself and Pickles approaches him with the gaggle of women from earlier, saying that they're still ready to have sex with him.The dating agency is called and the agent tells Toki they have a 100% guarantee on finding a "life ladymate partner".Toki says he's looking not only for a friend, but also a companion and a mother to his children.

Pickles offers from his experience, instructing him to "get your tour manager to find a chick, he gets her backstage and you pull out your dick", which Skwisgaar confirms as solid advice.

The kidnapper, using a voice changing device, says "nobody can help you".

This scares Toki enough to urinate himself and he offers the lives of Dethklok in exchange of his own, even saying he'll lead the way. The voice says "I just have one thing to say before I kill you" and a gun is held to his head.

He then calls Nathan "Tonto" and asks him to use his "Indian tracking skills" to find some soap and water.

None of the band laughs, considering this going too far and Charles whispers something to his aide.

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