Derrick ward dating esther baxter

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We, the senior members of the football team, do unhappily bequeath the palatial spring track field to our lucky followers.

In those grades that cupid went on a rampage and practically everyone got shot. girls were waitresses at the Junior-Senior Banquet. We werent uneasy standing with the upper classmen at the stomp.

We also had new classmates when Camp Sutton was established. Our classmates who had lettered in football and basketball were equally proud of their sweater sleeve stripes. Olin Junebug Sikes was taken from us during the summer. Our Junior play under Miss Bakers direction was a big hit. I, Anne Mc Guirt, do bequeath exclusive travel rights on NC Hwy. We, Julia Copple and Bobbie Price, bequeath our reserved booth in Williams Luncheonette to Guts Mc Cauley and Lee Alexander.

I, Tom Mc Cain, do bequeath my Learners Permit to Bob Mc Guirt.

I, Sam Penegar, do bequeath my girls to the snakes who can take them.

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I, June Langley, do bequeath my reserved parking space in front of Williams Luncheonette to Patti Cochran.

I, Robert Williams, do bequeath my ability to be absent from school on the last days of the hunting season to Brother Willy.

grades brought textbooks, loose-leaf notebooks, and pencils with real rubber erasers.

I, Vivien Hinson, do bequeath my sincere love for Pageland to Miss Baker.

I, Nancie Smith, do bequeath my poodle haircut to Miss Collins.

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