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‘‘It implies a two-way street,’’ says Mara Keisling, co-founder and director of the National Center for Transgender Equality.‘‘Having a civil society is all about accommodation.A privacy curtain could address both her needs and other students’ concerns, the Education Department said — as long as other girls are also allowed to change behind the curtain, if they choose.

Shopgirls got ‘‘retiring rooms’’ out of concern that they were prone to dizziness and fainting.

This can lead to the spectacle of women standing in line for what feels like forever while the men’s room is empty.

Now transgender people, most prominently, are asking society to rethink all of this, from signs to design to who gets to enter where.

But it can also have a compulsory aspect — it’s a word that involves moving over to make room for other people, whether you want to or not.

In the 1960s, Congress gave religious people a right to reasonable accommodation at work, like a place to pray, or time off on the Sabbath, or permission to wear a turban or kipa or hijab.

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