Deepika padukone dating history

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Ranvir essentially gives Armaan ownership of Thapar's five casinos in exchange for a 10% commission, a fraction of the true value of the casinos.Ranvir and Armaan become friends and business partners, while Ranvir begins a romance with Armaan's half-sister and 50% shareholder Alina (Deepika Padukone).Everyone knows that our parents were not agreeing for our alliance.Mrunal is currently shooting in Indonesia and just because we are away from each other or we are not posting a picture on our social media together does not mean that we have broken up.” Arjit on the other hand laughed off the rumours.She had confessed on Nach Baliye that they are extremely serious about each other but are waiting for their families’ approval to take their relationship to the next level.When asked to comment on Mrunal and Arjit’s relationship, Sharad told an entertainment portal, “It’s not true.They are currently doing an Indonesian show -Nadin, together and it’s being said that love is blossoming between the two.Before this news surfaced, Mrunal was dating writer, Sharad Chandra Tripathi.

Made on a budget of The film begins with a sniper shooting out the fuel tank of a Lamborghini, causing it to burst into flames.Thapar agrees, and borrows the €500 million from ex-street fighter and billionaire gangster Armaan Malik (John Abraham), and makes the trade with Ranvir.It is then revealed that Ranvir never stole the printing plates, and was conning Thapar to get revenge for a previous matter.Some time afterwards, a robbery takes place and European printing plates are stolen.Ranvir Singh (Saif Ali Khan) watches this news on TV and smiles.

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