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Nerd Love at Kotaku, please make sure to put “Kotaku” in the subject. I finally got around to updating the Lifetimes of cryptographic hash functions table to be current to 2012. Some time when I’m REALLY bored I’ll include all the references inline, but Wikipedia now has pretty complete coverage of each hash function, including original sources. – What do you do at work when you are bored / have time to kill / things are just very slow?– Any suggestions for dealing with anxiety in the workplace?Are you open to dating at the office (and how does that look in 2018)?For my $.02, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I’ve always been of the view that I’d rather be alone than with the wrong person — and knew it was time to break it off with guys as soon as I rolled my eyes at them.Also: makeup tips for summer, summer hair secrets, and the question of pantyhose in summer – Wedding season: what to wear to a colleague’s wedding, wedding finances, who to invite to your wedding, office wedding showers.


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Pedro has been working as a software developer, architect and dev lead in a wide variety of business areas for more than 20 years.

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To a month enthusiast of god, I allow educated so as to make of sparkle is not approximately how countless you are,but how contented others are as of you..

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    When not working, he enjoys sky diving, playing guitar, cooking and riding his bicycle around New York City.

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    To this basic substratum, the Didache form of the two ways has attracted addititional sections in 1:3b-2:1 (gospel sayings and related admonitions; see especially Latyon 1968; Mees 1971) and 3:1-6 (the 'fences' tradition).

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    Bien sûr une fois connecté, vous pouvez discuter sur le salon général, où tout le monde voit vos messages.

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