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Many of my subscribers have asked me about dating in high school and I figured a nice long video would be the best way to sum up my views on the subject.

Don’t have time to watch me flap my gums for 9 minutes?

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Here are the logical reasons why you shouldn’t date in high school ; You are so tied down to him that you don’t explore your choices.The lovely double standard of Latin culture tends to allow the boys to bring home as many girls as they like at any and all hours, even if her orgasms wake up the abuelos. Because even if the girl is cool, her family most likely will not be with her bringing strange men back to their house.And I have had more than one girl tell me that she couldn’t stay at my place because her parents would let her have it if she came home after 5.They arrived at a rambling home off Coral Way somewhere, and as she walked in he informed her that she should probably keep her voice down. A quick glance around at the living room covered in framed pictures of 5th cousins and multiple images of the Virgin Mary gave her a revelation that hit like a ton of bricks: Mr.BMW-driving Brickell Yuppie was, in fact, still living at home.

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