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Having enjoyed her mouth he started banging her in the doggy style and then stuffed her throat with hot cum and left her laying down and crying with a bottle thrust in her stretched pussy.

These are the cheat codes for various functions: Change Weather Cheat Code: 468-555-0100Get a Different Selection of Weapons Cheat Code: 486-555-0150Get a Selection of Weapons Cheat Code: 486-555-0100Raise Wanted Level Cheat Code: 267-555-0150Remove Wanted Level Cheat Code: 267-555-0100Restore Armour Cheat Code: 362-555-0100Restore Health, Armor, and Ammo Cheat Code: 482-555-0100Song Information Cheat Code: 948-555-0100Spawn a Cognoscenti Cheat Code: 227-555-0142Spawn a Comet Cheat Code: 227-555-0175Spawn a Jetmax Cheat Code: 938-555-0100Spawn a Sanchez Cheat Code: 625-555-0150Spawn a Super GTCheat Code: 227-555-0168Spawn a Turismo Cheat Code: 227-555-0147Spawn an Annihiliator Cheat Code: 359-555-0100Spawn an FIB Buffalo Cheat Code: 227-555-0100Spawn an NRG-900Cheat Code: 625-555-0100The following items can be unlocked in Grand Theft Auto IV on the Xbox 360 video game console.50 Percent off for all Clothing Stores Get 80 percent Relationship Status with Alex Boom?

After that mission, Niko can contact other users on the site, though none of the male users will actually date him and only two female users will (full list of users available here).

Below are the characters whose profiles indicate they are homosexual or bisexual (excluding Tom Rivas and Bryce Dawkins, who is possibly behind the username Troy Harder), as well as characters whose profiles players read as indicating they are homosexual or bisexual.

Kill 20 players with a pistol in a ranked multiplayer deathmatch.

Come first in 20 different ranked standard multiplayer races.

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