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The book is literally the most repetative cycle ever. All he says the entire book are variations of: “You are so beautiful” “You are mine” “You never cease to amaze me” Insert eye roll here… If he tells you that you are enough for him, then thats the end of the discussion.

She defies him, he gets mad, they have sex, she thinks she isn’t enough for him, they have sex, they wake up, they have sex. No need to keep harping on the same subject- we could have hacked off 79 pages of the book.

For me when I choose a character, I like to play someone who I can learn something from, in a situation or environment that’s very different from what I am used to in my life, experiences that I haven’t had. I have really managed to combine the two, with bits of film thrown in, and lots of radio. I like to try to find the heart of her, so she’s such a joy to play.

It’s a scenario that I wouldn’t imagine jumping into in my own life – the thought of internet dating freaks me out a little bit. Most of the characters that I’m known for, particularly the likes of Karen [promiscuous, drunk] in Pulling and Rainie [drug addict] in East Enders, and even a lot of characters I play on stage, are a far cry from who I am.

Trailers for films – some practically tell the whole story!

It’s no secret that nowadays most of all communication takes place via text message. As I said before, I text all the time and probably will incur a repetative stress injury in the near future. ” I am forced to hold back my quick witty tongue and refrain from answering with a death threat. I did NOT send him a request, but instead decided to check him out on facebook regardless. Instead I noticed the familiar face of the guy next to him in his profile picture. me that I revisit my love for writing and revel in my freedom of expression. For months I have been in the process of moving forward with my life. And the cycle continues, until I get so bored that the thought of spending an evening with them is just mentally exhausting.

And what ever happened to being yourself and not what some guy wants you to be?

Every time she would bring up an excuse to leave him I wanted to scream at her!

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