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2) In emails with men, at times they forget to ask any questions, so responding to their emails is a challenge.Is it best to just let those go – or is there a polite way to say “If you would like to keep communicating, a few questions from your side would help”? Going up to a strange woman at a party and giving her your phone number before you got her name?They just rarely consider how inconsiderate it is to try and rush you into a date.Oh, and to address your other concern – if you want to get men to write questions, try asking questions and offering stories of your own. Keep it interesting and lively and see if he can keep up.The changes we made to Doomfist, Sombra and Mei did not require any art or sound time so it was easier to get those up for public testing. Are the forums implying that your posts are…legendary?On a related note, the video on making Junkertown came to mind when you mentioned sounds…I wonder how elaborate Hanzo’s sound effects will be.

Or perhaps quickly trying to gauge your penis size. “I don’t want to waste my time.” Which is pretty much your defense for offering to go to the phone before she’s comfortable.If he can’t – if he gives you nothing back from your email masterpiece – you have every right to move on.Successful online dating is all about proper screening.I just cranked that out, but you can finesse it with your personality and your questions.As long as your tone is upbeat and playful – instead of stern and lecturing – he’s going to WANT to play along.

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