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If you share a great bond with your mother then you might share things with het but trust me not all because at the end of the day they are your mothers and they would never want you to do something which they dont consider good for you. So again what I feel is that boys are closer to their moms and share a special bond.Now as your question is that whether boys can share everything with their moms is completely your call. I dont know much about western culture but yes they are open minded and kids are independent at a very young age so definitely they are not answerable to their parents for everything. Dating a girl and teling it to your mom is still big deal in india atleast in small towns. Obviously they wont tell them that they booz or smoke or do drugs or dating chicks because that is bad as per Indian values.They can date any girl no matter what caste and ethnicity she belongs to. Marrying a girl from differebt caste can invite you alot of troubles , if your family is not liberal.I mean it depends in how cool your mother is, what perspective she has towards you. She could have differnt aspect towards life so you need to figure out what to share what not to keeping in mind that you dont hurt her sentiments.

The pairing of Lancaster and Douglas as two aging criminals trying to regain one last moment of glory is pure entertainment. One last thing: without Lancaster and Douglas, this movie never would have worked.

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Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, Charles Durning, Alexis Smith, Dana Carvey, Darlanne Fluegel, Eli Wallach. But at the end of the day, the movie was really one thing: a golden opportunity to bring Hollywood legends Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas together on the big screen for one last time.

A message movie about how American society treats senior citizens. Those are all perfectly adequate ways of describing .

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