Dating your new roommate

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“We made a little project out of cutting out our favorite boys from a spare magazine,” says Catherine.“Two years later, those guys still hang on the wall in the apartment we share.” In the event hot male models aren’t your thing, adorn your room with fun decorations for each holiday. Deny it all you want, but you love talking about food.

“If you’re in a dorm, shop at the student market,” says Jessica Salerno from Ohio University.

Most universities have loads of community service opportunities, so check out your school’s calendar online!

If your school doesn’t have a lot of options, be sure to look for activities in your college town.

That hour (or 30 minutes) of lust, scandal, drama, and laughs is the perfect way to unwind after a rough day.

With an array of new shows to choose from—not to mention the great gift of Netflix—starting a new TV show-watching tradition is a fun way to get to know your roommate. If you and your roomie have a few shows in common, have a viewing party each week—just don’t forget to get popcorn!

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