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Regardless of whether you have cold sores or are experiencing an outbreak, you’re as likely to spread the infection through body fluids.Direct physical contact with the infected areas of the body too results in transmission even when you’re not maintaining intimacy. Although this isn’t life threatening, as there is no cure for it, once you are infected, you have it forever.It was also revealed that about 26.1 percent of people in the age bracket of 14 – 49 years had the virus.The survey employs various techniques and methods such as laboratory tests, physical examinations as well as personal interviews to access the nutritional status and health of a particular section of the popular and draw trends over a stipulated period of time.The herpes virus might remain dormant in an individual’s system and the symptoms might not have revealed yet making it almost impossible for one to know they have the infection.

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The survey also reveals that some groups of Americans were disproportionately affected by the herpes simplex virus.

Most doctors in the United States might not test for herpes during the checkups.

This is because a great number of individuals have the disease and the doctors see it as very normal to have the disease.

According to statistics issued by New York’s health and nutrition examination survey, 28 percent of the people in the age group of 20 – 49 were found to be infected with herpes.

This is certainly higher than the national average of 17 percent.

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