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Now, after a long hiatus, this sought after wonderwork has been equaled. With .742 back-bored barrels, high-gloss walnut stock and forearm and detailed Model 101 styling, this Belgian made beauty is sure to fill the ticket of those who appreciate great craftsmanship in a fine handling, classically inspired over/under shotgun." Winchester 12/2006 Miroku (Japanese Brownings) give up nothing in quality to anyone. That being said, I had a Japanese 101 and it was the worst fitting gun I ever owned. Miroku Two different company's "Winchester Rifles And Shotguns Introduces The Select 101 MORGAN, UTAH Remember the Winchester Model 101? In 2007, Winchester Rifles and Shotguns will introduce the Select 101.

Everyone who I ever met who owned one complained about getting hit on the cheek bone from shooting it. The styling and handling are legendary, the reliability never in question.

Click for more info 6403 Winchester 101 Field 20 ga 2 3/4 & 3 inch chambers, 26 inch barrels, ic/mod, ejectors, vent rib, single select trigger, Winchester butt plate, 99.9% as new, ALL ORIGINAL came from West Texas ... Click for more info 6291 Winchester 101 Pigeon 12 gauge 26 inch barrels ic/mod.

Click for more info Winchester 101 Field 12 GA, 28" vented rib O/U bbls, bright shiny smooth bores, Invector Plus Full/Mod choke tubes, brass bead and red/green fiber optic front sight, pristine blued finish, engrav ... this is the early highly desired Pigeon model with dark TIGER STRIPED WALNUT,and diamond tipped tools used to engrave the coin silver rose a ...

This series is also notorious for its moral absolutism, which readers either loved or hated. Because of me, what he does can truly be defined as Bullseye: You do not kill like any man I have ever seen, Frank. It has never, I repeat, never failed mechanically (the operator has).I believe all 101's are made the same, so my up-graded Diamond-grade is immaterial, except for appearances.Click for more info 6379 Winchester 101 Field 20 gauge 26 inch barrels ic/mod, Leather custom pad, lop 14 1/4 factory origina lenght,, 98% conditon, oil finish, opens and closes tite, bore brite and shiny. Click for more info Winchester 101 Presentation Grade Shotgun In Skeet Configuration I Was Told Buy A Winchester Collector That there was maybe 100 or so or these made making them quite collectible So here i ... Click for more info This is an excellent condition Winchester Model 101 12 Gauge chambered for 2 3/4in and 3in shells. Click for more info 6209 Winchester 101 28 gauge 28 inch barrels,skeet/skeet,all original, 98% condition,vent rib, ejectors, single trigger, tite, pistol grip with cap, Winchester butt plate.bores brite and shiny. Click for more info 6283 Winchester 101 Field 20 gauge 28 inch barrels,mod/full, 2 3/4 & 3 inch chambers, Winchester butt plate, ejectors, vent rib, 99% condition, one of the highest condition ones i have ever had. Click for more info 6274 Winchester Field 28 gauge 28 inch barrels skeet/skeet, vent rib ejectors pistol grip with cap Winchester butt plate ALL ORIGINAL AND IN 97% CONDITION, great upland bird shotgun or for clays ...Click for more info Winchester Model 101 Field Grade 2-Barrel Hunting Set over/under shotgun in 12 gauge and 20 gauge. Click for more info 6273 Winchester 101 TEXAS SESQUICENTENNIAL 20 gauge 27 inch barrels ic/mod, ONLY 100 WERE MADE IN 1986.

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