Dating websites for older women

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I'd be happy to give you some direction, but first I need to know a little more about your question.

How old are you and what age group are you looking to date?

Regardless of your reasoning—there's zero judgment here—you're trying to meet someone for a May-December romance.

I want to start this the same way I start so many of my other posts: Be careful about anyone answering you with a sales pitch to a dating site.

I see that the other answers here are just trying to send you to sugar daddy/ sugar baby type sites, but there's a good chance they are not what you are looking for.

More » There are a few similarities between higher-ranked Date ACougar and Cougar Fling: the pricing (.33-29.99/month), and oodles of search features, for starters.

Cougar Fling does, however, a much better job of laying out the site and making it easy to use, yet has so few members—most of whom live in the US—that it's barely worth your while to sign up.

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