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The city layout was planned by Surveyor-General, Colonel William Light, in 1836 as a square-mile grid of wide boulevards surrounded by parks and gardens.Once known, somewhat condescendingly, as "the City of Churches", Adelaide in the past 30 years has become celebrated for its arts festival, its alfresco lifestyle, and its manageable size and pace, all enhanced by a climate in which hot summers and warm autumns are separated by mild springs and winters.Australian Dollar Currency Converter The passenger terminal has telephones, as well as free Wi-Fi.

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Glenelg , or ‘the Bay’ Located only 10km from the heart of Adelaide City, Glenelg is a charming seaside resort set on the long sandy white shores of Holdfast Bay.

The upgraded Port Adelaide Passenger Terminal includes a new road/traffic system into the terminal precinct, a direct walkway from the terminal to the nearby Outer Harbor railway station.

From Outer Harbor to central Port Adelaide is 10 suburban train stations away, about 40 min's, or by taxi about 15 min's. The Port has some of the finest colonial buildings in Australia. All-day transit tickets are about pp and can be used on trains and buses.

In Adelaide’s suburbs, many shops stay open late on Thursday and in the city center on Friday evening - usually until 9pm - and all day on Saturday. In remote country areas, roadhouses provide all the essential services for the traveler and, on the major highways, are generally open 24 hours a day.

In tourist areas, even ones well off the beaten track, tourist offices are often open every day or at least through the week plus weekend mornings; urban information centers are more likely to conform to normal shopping hours.

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