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Beach trips are all about soaking up the sun, lounging in the sand, and swimming in the ocean. Ideally, you'd probably spend every day at the beach if you coul…From churros and ice cream, to macarons and pretzels, Disney is known to have incredibly yummy treats.The food game has been going strong recently, with some desserts so pretty that any foodie needs to snap them for the 'Gram before taking a bite.What started with cute tropical tubes turned into ice cream cones and golden swans — and did you see the one that fits all of your friends?You may be w…There's nothing quite like the feeling of biting through the skin of a ripened fruit and savoring the juice within.

For all intents and purposes, Bendjima has flown fairly under the radar when compared to Kardashian's ex, Scott Disick…Instagram continues to crank out new features left and right for users, and it appears they are at it yet again.So, it's important to know all t…When going back to school is becoming more and more of a reality, your end of summer plans need to hit the road in the opposite direction.Don't worry, because I coordinated a list of last-minute road trips to take with your friends, when the the las…Traveling is the ultimate dream, but it isn't always such a breeze.There are some perks to traveling solo, and I've never been one to share a s'more anyw…More pool floats, please!I can't get enough of the fact that there's flamingos all over my feed.

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