Dating victoria lukyanova

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Courtney has had a number of looks over the years, from dark short messy hair with punk clothes, to long flowing blonde locks and red carpet gowns.

But that doesn’t stop us from noticing the work she’s had done to her face and body too.

We like our Barbies where they belong: in a box, on a shelf, in a toy store.

She is known for her quirky and fun outfits which include dying her hair or wearing wigs, and always displaying her own brand of confidence.

Probably the strangest reason for being well-known, Nadya Suleman is better known as the Octomom, as she had eight babies, at once!

The wife of the late rock star Kurt Kobain has had a nose job, as well as lip fillers, and a breast augmentation too.

She hasn’t gone overboard on the cosmetic surgery, and therefore her bill hasn’t sky rocketed too high either.

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