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A large 2016 research study of women reported in demonstrated the benefits of faith.Catholic women who attend religious service weekly have a five fold decreased risk of suicide compared to women who do not.Loneliness can arise not only from marital hurts, but also from unresolved hurts in significant relationships prior to the marriage such as parental divorce or a distant and weak parental attachment relationship.In fact, some individuals who have healthy loving and giving marital relationships experience depressive illness caused by a number of factors unrelated to the marriage.Loneliness can enter at one stage of life and become encapsulated with anger toward those who have not met one's needs.This loneliness can lock in at different life stages only to emerge years or decades later, which explains why someone can be in a healthy loving marriage and still feel sad and lonely.It is not resolved until uncovered and addressed and the memory "purified." Since loneliness is so painful and so difficult to face and address, many individuals deny its presence from their family background, from important significant relationships or from their marriage.

1994, A closer look at the link between marital discord and depressive symptomatology, -41.) C.Frequently these conflicts arising from personal or from marital conflicts are not fully uncovered and addressed for a numerous reasons.The major factors here are pride or the lack of humility for personal issues and the fear of the marriage becoming worse, the fear of the spouse's anger, a lack of confidence and unresolved childhood fears for the marital issues.A number of pathways lead to the development of depression and other emotional conflicts.These are most often the result of significant disappointments and hurts in relationships and of weakness in one's personality.

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