Dating someone with fetal alchol effects

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Every pregnancy tends to be different, and not all women have an equal disposition to increased risk of FAS- related birth.Moreover, there is some evidence that moderate alcohol intake during pregnancy does not necessarily lead to adverse effects on the fetus.

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So, the conclusion we can reasonably draw from that information is this: If you did not know you were pregnant and drank for a certain period, it will most likely not have a harmful effect and you should stop as soon as you find out in order to reduce the risk of developing complications related to alcohol.

Preventing the disabilities through early diagnosis and intervention—if possible—and coping with the symptoms or consequences of the disabilities becomes the challenge for families and caregivers.

Described below are practical solutions and brief recommendations for some of the most common challenges, including learning and behavioral problems across the lifespan.

Prenatal exposure to alcohol can result in an almost limitless combination of physical and functional birth defects.

While there are specific criteria for diagnosing Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and other disorders under the FASD umbrella, the full range of physical and developmental disabilities for any one affected individual may become evident at irregular times through childhood, adolescence and into adulthood.

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