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It can be hard to find a girl who speaks proper English when you are in Thailand, Indonesia, or China. When you approach a Filipina and she’s married or simply not interested, she smiles and thanks you for the compliment. She’ll treat you like you’ve never been treated and you will enjoy every second of it.​I want to be honest. If you hang out in shady bars with half-naked girls, you won’t meet the kind of girls that I would call marriage material.

And no, the college girls are not the only ones who speak English. I mean, you can of course date a nagging Western woman who complains about God and the world, but if , you’ll feel at home in the Philippines. If you, however, hang out on college campuses or at the Cebu IT Park, your chances to meet an educated woman with an IQ above 100 is quite high.

Without this experience I couldn’t share everything that I’m going to share with you today.

In addition to that, I show you how to attract them, how to date them and how to get a Filipina girlfriend or wife.

It might sound weird, but I’m still friends with her…and at a run-down shop in the city center of Cebu.

She was the first girl who showed me how invigorating and fulfilling it can be to date a woman who hasn’t been exposed to radical feminist propaganda.

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    There was one man in particular who appeared to have a lot in common with me, and I took the first step and messaged him. But rather than feeling the usual embarrassment of rejection, I was softly cushioned by the knowledge that he just didn’t like what he saw and therefore, it never would have worked.

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