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When another discovered a little girl didn’t have winter clothes to wear to school because her grandmother and primary caregiver was dying, she had the organization buy some.As part of a program to honor veterans, a hospice team brought a uniformed soldier to a patient’s bedside, where he was saluted and presented with a folded flag hours before he died.Managers also can help employees derive meaning by cultivating a sense of belonging to the larger organization, such as by pointing out the interdependence of the work, spending time together and telling employees they are happy to have them in the organization, Wrzesniewski said.The companies that scored highest in meaningfulness in the Energage ribune’survey can offer some insight into what works.That in turn could improve retention, which is on the minds of many employers as unemployment stays near historic lows and employees look for better opportunities.The process required to replace an employee costs about 70 percent of that person’s annual salary, and up to twice the salary when it involves a senior leader, according to Energage, an Exton, Pa.-based consultancy formerly known as Workplace Dynamics. A line of work doesn’t have to feel like a calling to feel meaningful, said Jaclyn Jensen, associate professor in the department of management and entrepreneurship at De Paul University.

She compliments the woman on her recently painted fingernails.

It’s the linchpin of qualities that make for a valuable employee: motivation, job performance and a desire to show up and stay. People find meaning picking up garbage, installing windows and selling electronics — if they connect with why it matters.

But many Chicago-area employers seem to be missing an opportunity to tap this critical vein.

Often the best thing employers can do to encourage meaningfulness is to give employees autonomy to incorporate meaning themselves, Wrzesniewski said.

Her team did a field experiment in a global technology company in which people were asked to change something about their work.

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