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She sees actions taken for the 'greater good' as just an excuse to hurt others who don't deserve it simply because it's easier.She was a member of the enigmatic group of rogues known as the Friends of Red Jenny, yet the coming of the Breach terrified her.Two years after Corypheus' defeat, the Inquisitor can meet Sera before meeting the Exalted Council.

Sera fights for those caught in the middle, but she also needs order restored. Sera was orphaned as a child in Denerim and was caught stealing at a young age.She tells the Inquisitor she wants to make better cookies so she can overcome all the issues she associates with them and like them again.At any time, the Inquisitor can ask Sera to leave by telling her that she doesn't fit in with the Inquisition.Sera is impulsive and reactionary, taking delight in humbling the established authority she views as arrogant and selfish.For her, it's not about what's right, it's about what's right now.

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