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Picard, seeing no other alternative, calls out to the entire ship, "Now hear this, printout message, urgent, all stations, all decks, prepare for emergency saucer sep." The bridge officers are shocked at this new order.

Picard orders Worf to command the saucer section, while Picard commands the battle section.

Picard orders "Engage", the ship turns away from Q's force field and warps away.

Worf returns from engineering, with the report that the engine room is ready, and takes his position at the helm.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard leads the crew of the USS Enterprise-D on its maiden voyage, to examine a new planetary station for trade with the Federation.

On the way, they encounter Q, an omnipotent extra-dimensional being, who challenges Humanity as a barbaric, inferior species.

The object is at high warp speed, at warp 9.6, and the Enterprise increases speed accordingly. Data notes that the Enterprise may be able to match the object's 9.8 warp, but at extreme risk.

However, the object reaches warp 9.9 while the Enterprise is only at warp 9.5.

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